Cloud Backup - Windows Backup on Cloud

Protect Your Windows PCs

With Acronis Cyber Backup

ThaiPCSupport Cyber Backup is the world’s most easy, efficient, and secure backup
solution. With it, you can protect everything on your Windows PCs from data
threats including hardware and software failures, accidental deletions, and cyber
attacks. In just a few clicks, you can defend your business data, ensure business
continuity, and save time and money.

Complete Protection for your Windows PCs

Back up and restore Windows PCs of the office and field workers with the easy to
use and reliable PC backup software and store your backed up data wherever you
like: NAS, SAN, tapes, disks, Acronis Cloud, or any private or public cloud, including
Azure, AWS, and Google.
IT Support Thailand
IT Support Thailand

    ThaiPCSupport Active Protection

  • Protect your workforce from ransomware attacks with PC backup
    software that actively detects, blocks, and reverses suspicious changes
    to data, backup files, and backup agents. Built-in Acronis Active
    Protection technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning
    to keep your data safe.

    ThaiPCSupport Universal Restore

  • Perform dissimilar hardware recovery dramatically faster, without
    incompatibility issues. Gain greater flexibility with Windows PC backup
    software that can restore to the same machine or any other hardware, including bare-metal physical or virtual environments.
IT Support Thailand
IT Support Thailand

    Disk-imaging Backup

  • Defend your business with PC backup software that backs up an entire
    PC, as well as selected files or data and keep your backups secure on a
    variety of storage destinations. You’ll be able to easily recover a
    complete image, or retrieve individual files, folders, items, and applications.

Key Features to Protect Windows PCs

Centralized Management
Add endpoints without complicating your workload through an intuitive web-based management console accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
Diverse Systems Support
Defend diverse environments, consisting of modern systems like Microsoft Windows 10 and legacy systems like Windows XP or Windows Vista. All with one universal solution.
Multi-Level Admin Roles
Simplify remote office, branch office, and individual department protection by establishing roles for multiple administrators and delegating the tasks to local resources.
Intuitive Web-Based Interface
Reduce costs and time spent learning and implementing the solution. A simple, modern, web-based interface makes setting up and managing your backups easy.
Flexible Reporting and Monitoring
Receive backup status information how you want – reporting and status-monitoring capabilities include customizable widgets, reports, notifications, and critical event alerts.
Strong Encryption
Protect your data by utilizing multi-level encryption that includes per-archive AES-256 encryption and high-grade disk-level encryption in ThaiPCSupport data centers.
ThaiPCSupport Notary
Ensure backup authenticity with built-in ThaiPCSupport Notary. Store your backup’s digital fingerprint in the blockchain ledger and detect unauthorized changes before recovery.
Cryptomining Protection
Detect and stop cryptomining malware to preserve resources and network traffic. Prevent cyberattacks in advance by blacklisting potentially unwanted software.
Deduplication for Storage
Save costs and optimize network bandwidth, reducing your total storage requirements through deduplication technologies that result in improved storage utilization.

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