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    NAS or Network Attach Storage is a network storage device. It can share files on multiple computers and data can be exchanged without having to rely on a Flash Drive or External Hard disk. It can manage data access according to user rights and Disk Quota. RAID can also be made to increase data security. And can be confident that the important data files of the organization will not be lost due to broken hard disk.

    Today's NAS is much more than just storing files. Especially ThaiPC Support NAS, which has been the fastest growing sales in the world because of the various capabilities and easy management system via Disk Station Manager. ThaiPC Support ‘s management software system, which runs through the Web Browser, makes Storage Management something that anyone can do not rely on experts resulting in cheaper cost management In addition, it supports access to data files through Smart Phone, Tablet, iPad, Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating systems, making ThaiPC Support NAS a popular storage device for use at home for storage. Both VDO and files including CCTV recording Up to the large organization level That the data is large, requires a quick search and must be highly accurate and safe ThaiPC Support NAS is also a product. That can answer the problem as well with a warranty of up to 5 full years

    7 Reasons to use ThaiPCSupport NAS

  • Easy to use, manage system via Web Browser or App on Smart Phone
  • Access many types of information from anywhere via the internet.
  • It is a device that can be used in a variety of ways. There is an app to download hundreds more.
  • There is an easy-to-use and highly efficient OS Disk Station Manager.
  • Confident in safety to protect important information
  • High stability, able to be used 24 hours a day using less than 2 baht per day
  • Which can share files, pictures, movies and other files at the home level and Office level Large organization
IT Support Thailand

DiskStation Manager 6.2

We aim to provide greater flexibility in IT management and all kinds of applications with DSM 6.2, the new advanced LUN system, iSCSI management and storage management systems. Thai PC Support will elevate management effectiveness to a whole new level Security updates without SHA service and abnormal DSM sign-in detection make DSM more efficient and secure.

-State-of-the-art iSCSI service -

Privacy and data security

We value the security and privacy of your brainstorming success.
Next-generation firewalls offer deeper control of individual applications along with better
inspection capabilities. Security administrators can create very granular levels of rules
for allowing or denying rules for control of websites and applications. They integrate
enterprise firewall capabilities with intrusion prevention and application control..

IT Support Thailand

    Proven Reliability

  • DSM 6.2 helps companies around the world, managing their workloads with stability and high efficiency. Proven reliability gives DSM 6.2 the long-term support (LTS) version up to 2023.

    Update Your DSM Wisely.

  • DSM 6.2.2 introduces a whole new update mechanism which will alert you automatically when the update patch has new features or solve problems according to your system settings. This will reduce the complexity of checking and evaluating the impact of the update on your system.
IT Support Thailand

File sharing

DSM provides a fast, secure way to share content the way you want it. With File Sharing,
you can share files on Thai PC Support's NAS too and customize access rights for maximum
security. File sharing in many ways - whether it's the Windows ®,
the Mac ® and the Linux ® computer or mobile device.


Thai PC Support protects your date with various DSM features while giving the guarantee of
safety of the operating system as well. It is a reliable scanner that allows Thai PC Support
to scan the system thoroughly and apply revisions to all major DSM Editions.

File Sharing

Store your data on Synology NAS. In order to be easily accessible from Computer running Windows,
Mac and Linux over the internet and LAN

File Syncing

Store your data on Synology NAS. In order to be easily accessible from Computer running Windows, Mac and Linux over the internet and LAN

Data Backup

Protect your data on the computer system. Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems when combined with the Thai PC Support NAS it will help you to save more money


Have a complete virtualization solution from iSCSI, Virtual Storage Machine Manager and Container Technology


Increase work efficiency with documents and spreadsheet. Improve the project with effective communication tools and set up personal class in private emails and much more.


Enjoy photos, videos and songs on the web that are easy to use and mobile interface.

Thai PC Support Cloud Service

QuickConnect fast connection service and specifically designed backup storage.


DSM will help you determine maintenance fees and carefully inspect your NAS professionally.

Data Security

Have advanced security solutions and covers for protecting your NAS from threats

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