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IT Helpdesk Services

IT Support Thailand
  • 1. Remote IT Support
  • 2. HelpDesk Support "ServiceDesk"
  • 3. On-site Support
  • 4. Technical Support
  • 5. Network Engineer
  • 6. Systems Engineer
  • 7. Additional IT Services

Today, businesses across the globe are highly dependent on IT infrastructure to stay competitive and productive in the marketplace. With the proliferation of IT and software, there is a need for maintenance and monitoring on a 24/7 basis, something which regular IT staff might not have the time for. Therefore, it has become imperative to have dedicated IT helpdesk support that can act as a reliable fall back by offering a multi-pronged approach for frequent IT issues.

At Thai PC Support, we provide IT support services that help improve end-user experience while ensuring all software and hardware are constantly monitored for changes and errors, according to client requirements. Acting as a single point-of-contact, our helpdesk services allow our customers to access IT support-related vital functions such as troubleshooting, guidance for regular and routine IT issues, and capabilities for solving other relevant IT problems.

Our Core IT Helpdesk Services

With the help of our extensive IT support services, you can protect and safeguard your IT infrastructure investment against unknown threats and unexpected downtimes, while ensuring that overall productivity and functionality never takes a hit. Our IT support services for global businesses include -

IT Support Thailand

1. Remote IT Support

  • Our remote IT support services consist of trained technicians and IT administrators who can help in troubleshooting frequent IT related problems quickly and efficiently, thereby providing you with an economical IT helpdesk solution. Our remote IT help desk support can be availed regardless of the location of your business, and our 256-bit encrypted and secure connections ensure a safe environment to carry out all routine and exceptional IT maintenance tasks, including the following:

Remote installation of enterprise software

Remote configuration of routers,
switches and firewalls

Employee desktop management

OS administration support (MAC, Windows and Linux)

Remote server monitoring

Installation of servers and regular maintenance

2. HelpDesk Support "ServiceDesk"

  • It is a well-known fact that most modern business activities rely heavily on telecommunications. At times, it is difficult to avoid problems that arise in your company's communications channel which in turn can hinder productivity. Our telecommunications support services ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum, and include the following:

Functional usage support

Telecom line fault troubleshooting

Installation support

Coordinating with on-field teams
for telecom line fault repair

Configuration support

Email, Chat and Web support

IT Support Thailand
IT Support Thailand

3. On-site Support

There are certain situations when normal remote support services fail to produce the expected results quickly. In such cases, all IT issues can be rectified on-site by our expert IT support professionals, who ensure that the clients' IT systems keep running without any disruption or outages. Our on-site services include:

  • A reliable ticketing system to take care of complaints, further ensuring less time is spent on finding and tracking issues and more time can be dedicated to end-user support
  • Comprehensive desktop support, including password resets, network issues, OS and software issues, etc.
  • Account management and LDAP synchronization
  • Automated IT Asset discovery

4. Technical Support

  • Global organizations have started using a wide variety of technology products for their day-to-day processes. This requires maintenance and assistance of devices such as computer hardware, software and mobile devices. Timely and adequate technical support ensures smooth and hassle-free functioning of these devices. As part of our technical IT support services, we provide the following:

Call escalation

Escalation management

Server issues

Call logging

Database Upgrades

Database administration

Capturing information

Problem diagnosis
and isolation

Problem management

scripted solutions


Stability analysis

Support for multivendor software

Break fix activities

Advice and guidelines for system usage

Hotfix for the Applications

Patch updating

IT Support Thailand
IT Support Thailand

5. Network Engineer

Our knowledgeable, skilled network engineers provide a full suite of services that help businesses to improve their day-to-day operations and achieve long term goals. We take an approach that is best for your company, using customized services to help you achieve measurable results.

Thai PC Support's network engineers are technology professionals who have the skills to provide network design services as well as implement and oversee the computer networks that support your in-house voice, data, and wireless network services. Each network engineer on our team is highly knowledgeable in all areas of information technology and they know how to work with all types of operating systems and some of the most common engineering systems. Our expertise allows us to oversee your entire network infrastructure and offer full coverage for a range of services, including:

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Engineering
  • DSL/CMTS/FTTx Management
  • VoIP
  • Virtualization
  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Firewalls
  • Backup
  • Monitors
  • Performance Metric

6. Systems Engineer

Engineering projects are often the most exciting demonstration of problem solving. Leveraging many years of hands on experience, Thai PC Support's System Engineers work closely with our customers to understand needs and objectives, identify stakeholders and their needs, and define desired system functions. Our systems engineering team can formulate solutions from an array of customer challenges, from highly analytical testing and evaluation models and algorithms, to system life cycle configuration management and process improvement, even physical modeling design and production.

Thai PC Support Engineers will define integration and interface requirements for each subsystem and the system. The outcome of these efforts is documented in a system of specifications that will guide the design and development of the system/subsystems, Work Breakdown Structure, system development schedule, and test requirements. As the system is being developed by Thai PC Support or third parties, we provide independent verification and validation and oversee the development efforts to ensure that schedule milestones are met. Thai PC Support Test Engineers support independent functional, performance, and acceptance tests with traceability to system requirements. Prior to system launch or deployment, Thai PC Support develops throughout the lifecycle of the system the following:

  • User Guides
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Desk procedures
  • Configuration Management
  • Process Improvements
A Structured Process:
  • Understand the objectives
  • Analyze alternatives
  • Establish high level and detailed requirements
  • Establish test criteria
  • Support the system throughout its lifecycle
IT Support Thailand
IT Support Thailand

7. Additional IT Services

  • We take pride in providing our clients with a comprehensive IT support solution that combines multi-platform support with state-of-the-art security features. This allows us to support all your IT devices and systems, anywhere in the world, with equal care and with full compliance to your business requirements. By outsourcing IT maintenance services to us, you can choose to avail of the following additional services as well:

Remote Server Monitoring software

Internet & WAN Connectivity

Web Application Monitoring

Email System Monitoring

Client-Server Monitoring

Antivirus Management

Network Administration

Application Support

Data Operation Management

Why Outsource IT Help Desk Services to Thai PC Support?

  • Our time-tested and skillfully rendered IT helpdesk and maintenance services are offered instantly upon demand, thereby ensuring seamless functioning and smooth workflow in busy organizations. Our exposure to global standards and practices enables us to provide timely protection and support to your IT infrastructure, and we leverage the best IT helpdesk software to provide you the following value-added benefits:
  • A single point of contact for any IT issues ensures all problems are attended to as soon as possible
  • Reliable security and confidentiality features for a safe working environment
  • Unique services perfectly aligned with your business needs
  • Quick and cost-effective IT support solutions
  • Voice based, web and electronic IT support for multiple platforms
  • Extensive reporting features including daily reports, as per your requirement

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