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We were born with the vision of making product content the driving force behind an exceptional digital commerce experience for B2B and B2C customers. Our Stibo-led MDM services enable operational efficiency for the organizations and their channel partners, while providing a superior research-to-purchase experience for end users and financial growth for sellers.

Stibo expertise

25+ industries served
600+ projects completed
Scaled Agile Certified
Three best in class MDM offerings

MDM Implementation
MDM Upgrade & System Management
STEP Audit

Why ThaiPcSupport

25+ Industries

600+ Projects

Success Results

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50% Faster time to market for product information
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36% Revenue uplift in top-selling categories
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200% Increase in product traffic pages
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25% Reduction in data ownership and maintenance cost

MDM Implementation

Our end-to-end implementation offering includes the following stages and modules:

Our approach

  • Solution and approach tailored to your needs
  • Proprietary accelerators and tools (e.g., automation, reporting)
  • Playbook driven market tested and repeatable processes

What you get

  • 40-60% time to market for your STIBO implementation
  • Agile operating model
  • Improved governance and technology demand planning
  • Lower cost of business and technology operations

MDM Upgrade & System Management

Our MDM Upgrade offering includes the following stages and modules:

Our approach

  • End-to-end support from evaluation to application support
  • Proof of Concept on the enhancements
  • Risk mitigation best practice

What you get

  • 20-30% operational efficiency
  • Proactive risk identification and mitigation
  • Improved Data Governance and Data Quality

STEP Audit

Our STEP audit offering includes the following modules:

IT Support Thailand

(Discovery workshop,Requirements gathering)

IT Support Thailand
Detailed Summary

(Results analysis)

IT Support Thailand
IT Support Thailand

(Tool audit wrt requirements)

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Execution Model

Implementation Roadmap

Our approach

  • Detailed audit of current state based on proprietary processes
  • Target state design and implementation roadmap based on best practice

What you get

  • Reduced operational risk
  • Improved data security and compliance adherence

Data Domains We Support

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Our approach

  • Tailored approach for each data domain
  • Pre-built templates and data taxonomy to accelerate implementation
  • In-depth support on data curation, ingestion, transformation, and on-going governance

What you get

  • Better governance and data visibility – single source of truth across data domains
  • Reduced cost from elimination of in-efficient data redundancies
  • Faster customer, vendor and product onboarding
  • Serve as foundation to enable other priorities such as advance analytics, automation, and reporting

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