new office set up


New Office Set-up

Setting up a new office, whether your business is brand new or expanding into a new location, can be challenging and intimidating. Our team of network technicians can help make your new office set-up and move seamless and easy with our New Office IT Set-up services.

We can provide you with a complete solution – from Network Set-up Consultation, Hardware and Software procurement, and Network Installation, Computer and Network deployment, Data Migration, and long-term maintenance through our Managed IT Services plans.

IT network set-up consulting
Hardware and Software purchasing
Cable installation and network system set-up
Desktop equipment deployment.
Data Back-up and Recovery Plan
Voice Over Internet Proxy Direct Call Service (VOIP)
Virtual Private Network (VPN) set-up
Security and Virus Protection Plan
Internet set-up
Email set-up
Data Migration

Our Managed IT services will help you succeed. Let’s get started