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Thaipcsupport Hosting for Redis

Fully managed Thaipcsupport hosting for Redis in the cloud with high availability, dedicated servers, and custom persistence.

Thaipcsupport Service for Redis

Redis is an open-source, in-memory data store used as a database, cache and message broker. Automate your Redis hosting and management and deploy, monitor, backup, and scale in the cloud through one centralized platform.

What's Unique About Our Cloud Solution for Redis?

See why Thaipcsupport is one of the top hosting providers for Redis
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Bring Your Own Cloud
The only hosting service for Redis that lets you deploy in your own AWS or Azure account so you can save up to 75% on long-term hosting costs.
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Full Redis Admin Access
Keep full SSH root access to the underlying machine and maintain 100% admin control over your Redis clusters.
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Customize Persistence
Define custom Redis persistence options using AOF (Append Only File) or RDB (Redis Database Backups) point-in-time snapshots.
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Discounts for Startups
Startups can save up to $40,000 with 50% off BYOC and Dedicated Hosting plans for Redis, and can use their free AWS or Azure credits.

Hosting & Management for Redis™ in the Cloud or On-Premises

Access the Best Hosting Tools for Redis

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Use The Latest Version

Keep your Redis deployments up-to-date with the latest data structure store version.

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Backup & Disk Encryption

Encrypt Redis data at rest on your disks, as well as 100% free encrypted backups.

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Free 24/7 Support

Get round-the-clock support from our expert team of database engineers for Redis.

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Monitoring Console for Redis

Monitor all Redis™ and operating system metrics, and define alerts on custom metrics.

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Virtual Private Cloud Support

Deploy your Redis servers in an AWS VPC or Azure VNET subnet.

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Cross-Region Replicas

Distribute highly available Redis replicas across an unlimited number of AWS or Azure regions.

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Dynamic Scaling

Scale your CPU, memory, and disk size (IOPS) dynamically with zero downtime.

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Slow Query Analysis

Analyze your Redis operations through the advanced debugging and tracking tool.

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Online Shell Management for Redis

Perform simple commands, view connections, logs, and current operations remotely.

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Redis Shard Support

Distribute your data across different nodes for horizontal scalability with sharding for Redis.

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Zero Operations Cost

All of your OS patching and Redis operations are automatically handled for you.

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Firewall Support

Maintain full control over who is allowed to access your Redis clusters through firewalls.

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    Save Time and Resources

  • Comprehensive management console with all operational tools completely free for your unlimited use, including OS patching, log rotations, Redis™ upgrades, backups and custom alerts. You always maintain 100% admin control over your Redis™ clusters with the peace of mind knowing your databases are fully managed to your needs.

Use the Best Thaipcsupport Hosting Plan for Redis

Bring Your Own Cloud

The only DBaaS for Redis that lets you actually host and manage your clusters in your own cloud account, with advanced features to monitor, secure, and automate your operations.

  • Bring your own AWS or Azure cloud account
  • Use your AWS or Azure hosting credits
  • Amazon VPC and Azure VNET support
  • Buy Reserved Instances
  • Lock down access using Security Groups
Dedicated Hosting

All the amazing management features for Redis, but through one centralized, all-inclusive platform hosted and managed in the cloud through your Thaipcsupport account.

  • Lock down access using IP whitelists
  • Host with us through AWS
  • All-inclusive machine, disk, and network costs

Redis Enterprise: The ultimate Redis experience

From the people who build Redis


Performance at scale   
Built-in persistence    
Fail-safe high availability    
Active-Active Geo-Distribution    
Built-in high-performance search    
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   Multi-model with dedicated modules
   Intelligent tiered access to memory
   Flexible deployment options
   AI (ML/DL) model serving
   Purpose-built edge solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Redis is a very fast and popular open-source in-memory data structure project implementing a distributed, in-memory key-value database with optional durability. Redis™ supports different kinds of abstract data structures, such as strings, lists, maps, sets, sorted sets, hyperloglogs, bitmaps, streams and spatial indexes.

Redis is a well-known caching solution that excels at it, and has an advanced data structure that provide many powerful ways to save and query data that can’t be achieved with a vanilla key-value cache. It’s fairly simple to setup, use, and learn, and provides persistence that you can opt to set up, so cache warming in the event of a crash is hassle-free.

We are the only DBaaS for Redis that gives you the option to host in your own cloud account through our Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) plans. This allows you to leverage Reserved Instances to save up to 75% on long-term hosting costs. We’re also the only to let you keep full Redis™ admin access, SSH access to your machines, and customize your master-slave configurations. You can learn more about our unique advantages on our Compare Redis Providers page.

Redis is being leveraged across many different industries and markets, such as SaaS applications, finance, healthcare, consumer products, education, and many more. It’s a great solution for caching, chat, messaging, queues, real-time analytics, gaming, rich media streaming, session store, and machine learning.

We take care of all your time-consuming Redis™ management, monitoring, and maintenance operations with free 24/7 support so you can focus on product. You can automate your backups, customize persistence, analyze slow queries, leverage sharding, and keep full Redis™ admin access. Check out the great tools you can access on our Redis Features by Plan page.

Save time, reduce costs, and improve your performance with fully managed hosting for Redis in the cloud. Plans start at just $9/month, try free for 30-days.

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