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Why Use MongoDB?

MongoDB is a document, NoSQL database that offers ease of implementation while combining performance, high availability, and automatic scaling. MongoDB, compared to MySQL, enables users to modernize existing relational workloads by addressing the requirements of new applications while supporting features like multi-document ACID transactions.

MongoDB on AWS, Azure, or Google. It's this easy.

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Use the cloud datacenter of your choice.
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Once your database is ready, just plug a code into your app.
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Customize your install to your business needs.

Database-as-a-Service features

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Cloud Automation

On-demand provisioning on the major clouds. Seamless, zero-downtime scaling and high availability via auto-failover on production-ready plans.

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Backup & Recovery

Unlimited backups on Dedicated plans; free daily backup on other plans. Free and easy backup restores.

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Monitoring & Analytics Tools

Continuous, 24x7 monitoring with performance graphs and custom alerting. Index and performance suggestions provided by mLab's Slow Query Analyzer.

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Advanced Security

Dedicated plans support encryption-at-rest, include SSL for free, and allow for custom firewalls as well as VPC peering.

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Easy-to-use Data Browser

Web GUI for editing documents, running queries (including saved searches), and viewing results in tabular format.

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Best-in-Class Database Support

Thoughtful, timely advice for all users at 24x7 emergency contact for Dedicated Cluster plans.

Working alongside your team, or as your team, we fill the gaps to not only introduce open-source technologies like MongoDB to your environment, but also to effectively operate and maintain them.

We do more than just operations management. Our cloud and data experts work closely with our MongoDB teams so we can provide management and consulting services for every use case along your application or database lifecycle.

24x7 management & remote DBA services

We provide ongoing SLA-based operations and production management for MongoDB databases and applications.

MongoDB consulting & development

Develop better MongoDB solutions faster by accessing our integrated teams of certified MongoDB, cloud and data experts and technical consultants.

MongoDB services for cloud & on-premise

Our certified experts can provide deployment, configuration and management of MongoDB on-premise or on leading cloud platforms.

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    We’re a triple threat with our leading cloud partnerships

  • We’ve partnered with each of the three leading public cloud vendors to provide you with the expertise you need to manage MongoDB in the cloud.

    ObjectRocket for MongoDB Features

  • Sharded and replica MongoDB instances are offered in 3 member replica sets for data redundancy and fault tolerance. Sharded instances consist of MongoS servers, config servers, and the shards themselves. All instances are capable of running the latest MongoDB version and enable SSL encryption connection along with an approved IP whitelist configured by the customer.
  • Our fully-managed MongoDB service supports applications hosted on Rackspace Cloud, AWS, Azure, and dedicated environments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

MongoDB is a general purpose, document-based, distributed data platform built for modern application developers and for the cloud. No data platform is more productive to use.

The MongoDB data platform is built around three core design principles that collectively enable you to build faster, and with higher quality:

  • 1. The document data model – presenting you the best way to work with data.
  • 2. A distributed systems design – allowing you to intelligently put data where you want it.
  • 3.A unified experience that gives you the freedom to run anywhere – allowing you to future-proof your apps and eliminate vendor lock-in.

The easiest way to learn MongoDB is through our free online training courses for developers and DBAs at MongoDB University. MongoDB University online training courses are developed and taught by MongoDB, Inc. engineers. MongoDB University has had over 1 million registrations from 196 countries: these students have learned how to develop and deploy applications on MongoDB.

MongoDB University free courses cover everything you need to know to become a MongoDB expert. Online training courses are developed specifically to help you build new skills in the areas that matter most to employers. The online training courses are based on real-world applications and taught by our dedicated team of in-house engineers who work on the code every day and have seen use cases across 13,000+ companies.

MongoDB University training courses are self-paced, allowing you to review the videos and course materials at a time that is convenient for you. At the same time, we offer structure to your learning with weekly assignments and deadlines to check in on your progress and a final exam to test your knowledge. Most courses run for three weeks, and each week typically requires just 90 minutes of your time. Find a course that’s right for you. View the course catalog.

Data in MongoDB is stored in BSON documents – JSON-style data structures. Documents contain one or more fields, and each field contains a value of a specific data type, including arrays, binary data and sub-documents. Documents that tend to share a similar structure are organized as collections.

It may be helpful to think of documents as analogous to rows in a relational database, fields as similar to columns, and collections as similar to tables.

Learn more in the MongoDB Architecture Guide.

To accelerate developer productivity, MongoDB provides native drivers for all popular programming languages and frameworks. Supported drivers include Java, Javascript, C#/.NET, Go, Python, Perl, PHP, Scala and others. All supported MongoDB drivers are designed to be idiomatic for the given programming language. This makes it much more natural for developers to work with data than string-based languages like SQL, and eliminates the need for cumbersome and fragile ORM abstraction layers.

You can also interact with MongoDB graphically using MongoDB Compass, the GUI for MongoDB. Through Compass you can explore and manipulate your data, visually create queries and aggregation pipelines from the GUI and then export them as code to your app; examine query execution and performance; view and create indexes; build schema validation rules and views; and more.

Yes. Multi-document ACID transactions have been available since the MongoDB 4.0 release in 2018.

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